Remembering My Mother-In-Law, Mary Kay Newman

For Mary Kay…

One of my low-key favorite things about visiting the Newman house is the little kitchen marquee – the tiny chalkboard sign above the cabinets with a welcome message.  “What’s it going to say,” has become a part of my routine thoughts when I first walk in the door.  This week, it read, “Try to remember MK.”  Well, that’ll be really easy, Mary Kay.

I’ll remember you as someone who gave great hugs; as someone who appreciates a good hug, I’ll remember you as a Top 1% hugger. 

I’ll remember you as someone who put love first, as the pastor at our North Carolina church often says; you led with love and those awesome hugs were full of that love. 

I’ll remember you you as someone who challenged me and made me think about some things differently; I hope I did the same for you. 

I’ll remember you as the first person who comforted me when I got back from seeing my dad for the final time, which segued into you meeting Jordan for the first time. 

I’ll remember you for finding a quiet moment or two at the boisterous Newman family gatherings for an often overstimulated guy like me who at times gets overwhelmed by continuous noise; it was those brief and endearing conversations that most made me feel at home and comfortable. 

I’ll remember you as someone who I grew to love; I don’t say “I love you” to many people, so I actually remember the first time that I replied to one of your genuine “We love yous” with an authentic, equally genuine, “I love you too.”  I was sitting in the parking lot of a department store getting your advice about something I was considering as an anniversary gift for Sarah, who is of course the reason I will always remember you.  I’ll always remember the mother of the greatest gift God’s ever given me; I’ll honor you by loving her forever.  

So, goodbye, Mary Kay.  May the joy you brought to the world in life be amplified infinitely by your spirit.  I love you and I’ll miss you….I won’t have to try to remember you.  



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I am a husband, father, doctor, writer, and educator and my definite major purpose in life is to be the best version of me possible in each of the five categories that describe me, but to do so I have to be cognizant of my own health and well-being; such is where sports, entertainment, and this site and its associated blog posts and podcasts come into play....sometimes, I need an escape from the real world.

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