September Takeaways, College Football 2020

-It took about 3 weeks for it to really feel like college football season. Typically, it’s my favorite sports period of the year, but with the COVID-related uncertainty, I never truly allowed myself to get the usual August excitement going. I watched GameDay on September 12th and saw the Irish play, I finally put up a flag holder at the new house so I could let the ND flag fly on Saturdays (see below), and I started listening to the Solid Verbal podcast (best CFB podcast out there), but it was not until Oklahoma got upset and SEC play began on September 26th that it actually felt like college football season (and ND didn’t even play). Now, every conference is going to play. I’m just thankful there’s football and I look forward to settling into the season during the month of October.

-What a win for Mike Leach to start the 2020 season, his first at Miss. St. I saw Quarterback, KJ Costello, play for Stanford against Notre Dame a few times, and he was very good. Put him with one of the game’s all-time greatest offensive minds (Leach) and there could be serious fireworks in the SEC from the Bulldogs. Ending the longest active winning streak that LSU carried through its season-long offensive clinic en route to a memorable national title winning team is a dream start for Leach’s attempt to compete with the big boys of college football (SEC has owned the national championship in this century). He and Costello combine for what could be a very memorable joint storyline to follow this season.

-Every season for me begins with the hope, slim even though it may be, that Notre Dame could win it all. I’ve never seen it. I’m a proud member of their subway alumni group who just loves and resonates with Irish football. I would consider it an unbelievable, divine gift to see them win the national championship considering the amount of joy it would bring me. So, there’s a lot of really intriguing pieces on the 2020 Irish squad, and I’m genuinely hopeful that they can make a run. They have shown flashes of a depth rare to the modern ND era, and that’s one of the things we need to beat Clemson. The Irish program lacks a recent signature win, though they’ve had some excellent teams that produced historically relevant seasons. ND nearly knocked off Clemson in 2015, Famous Jameis’s Seminoles in 2014, Georgia in both 2017 and 2019. Time to finish one off and beat Clemson. If they can beat Clemson, they can beat anybody.

-It’s only September, but the marriage between Miami and Houston transfer QB D’Eriq King could be successful. King was a baller for the Cougars and the Hurricanes have not had a dynamic quarterback in a long time. Miami always has talent, even if it their record does not reflect it. Sometimes, a team just needs that one missing piece to get a program’s momentum rolling. Their next game is at Clemson. We’ll see how legit they are.

-At first, I thought it presumptuous that pundits were liking Oklahoma State to win the Big 12, considering that OU has owned the conference in the Lincoln Riley era. The Cowboys have been winning ugly and without their starting QB, though, and I like a team that can win with defense and get a few breaks to go their way early in a season. 2015 Iowa comes to mind; they nearly went to the Playoff and had a 12-0 regular season. Texas can’t stop anyone. The Sooners still have major defensive woes of their own and a young quarterback who looked scared in crunch time. Iowa State seems to have taken a step back. Why not Oklahoma State?

-Depth is going to matter in 2020 more than perhaps ever before. Kids are getting COVID tested like crazy and, though most are asymptomatic when their tests are positive, they are being treated like they have the plague. So, teams like Clemson and Alabama would appear most equipped to handle the turmoil. There’s a lot of other teams that, this year, can probably match up talent wise through their starting line-ups, but I don’t think they’ll have the depth. Throw Ohio State into that Tiger-Tide mix. Georgia too depending on their QB situation (JT Daniels from USC would be great, I think, if he can get healthy).

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